Green Lion Red Lion Alchemy

Hexadecimal Colours
Coloursort icon Hexadecimal Codesort icon Redsort icon Greensort icon Bluesort icon
Alizarin E32636 227 38 54
Amaranth E52B50 229 43 80
Aniline Purple Dye 66023C 102 2 60
Cadmium Orange ed872d 237 135 45
Cadmium Red e30022 227 34
Carmine 960018 150 24
China Red E34234 227 66 52
Cinnabar E34234 227 66 52
Iodine Scarlet FF2400 255 36
Madder Dye E32636 227 38 54
Magenta FF00FF 255 255
Mars Red B30F00 179 15
Orange-red FF3F00 255 63
Psychedelic Purple DD00FF 221 255
Realgar FF6F1C 255 111 28
Red Ochre CC7722 204 119 34
Tyrian Purple 66023C 102 2 60
Venetian Red C80815 200 8 21
Vermilion FF4D00 255 77

The visible red light has a wavelength of about 650 nm. At sunrise and sunset, a large amount of blue and violet light are removed as a result of scattering and colours, such as red and orange, are more visible.

  1. Nature
    1. The red colour of leaves is due to a class of pigments, occurring in leaves and known as anthocyanins. Anthocyanins absorb blue, blue-green, and green light. Therefore, the light reflected by leaves containing anthocyanins appears red. They are responsible for the red skin of ripe apples and the purple of ripe grapes.
    2. Chromium impurities colour various gemstones: they are deep red in ruby but sea-green in emerald, because the crystal field is significantly stronger in emerald than in ruby.
    3. Some stars appear red in colour including Betelguese.
    4. Mars is the red planet.
    5. According to the ideas of alchemy the Philosopher's Stone is named the Red Lion.
  2. Art
    1. The Impressionist painter Claude Monet captured the dramatic effect of light on landscape in the painting Autumn at Argenteuil.
    2. Landscape artist J.M.W. Turner captured the intense lighting tones seen as the sun sinks into the Thames Estuary on the canvas of The Fighting Téméraire tugged to her Last Berth. The iodine scarlet pigment has faded with time but the sympathetic lighting conditions enhance the overall mood, notwithstanding.
    3. Pink skies of Rococo artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo are a fair representation of light scattered at dawn.
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